SkinForm Medical

We heal the problems from inside.

Our inner is reflected in our skin, figure, the way we appear and last but not least, our health. You have surely came across a dermatological, digestive, circulating problems, short-time or chronic. All these problems cause skin rashes on face, acne, eczema, heavy legs feeling, slow metabolism and tiredness. These factors cause a life discomfort leading to a worse health condition and self-confidence.  

In our SkinForm Institute, based on an initial interview and a scale of testing procedures, we identify and evaluate your problems. Based on these results we suggest you a therapy in our Institute, in case of more serious problems we recommend a visit of a specialist.  

Our professional equipments heal problems from inside which leads to a harmonious state of your body and thus influencing your health positively. We use some of these equipments within Skin in Form, SkinForming and SkinForm Prevent treatments, since we are convinced of their positive effects on health. No difference, if healing an existing problem or preventive effect.