Skin Forming

Skin and figure forming

This group of our services includes solving of more radical problems such as permanent epilating, permanent make-up, fat burning, lymphatic system stimulation, removing of small stringers, pigment stains and others. 

Our self-confidence thrives on a better and younger appearance, feeling vital and growing old a bit slower. Non-invasive dermatology which we fully prefer helps to fulfill these trends. 

A hasty lifestyle that we lead and the environment around us make us feel tired, exhausted and weak. We would like to help you, using our procedures and equipment, to make you feel better, making the exhaustion slowly disappear and that you gain your vital energy again.  

If there is anything that attracted your attention, the initial interview you can book, gives you a space to get to know everything about our procedures. How time demanding they are, their description, contra-indications and other possible questions. You don´t need to study, or investigate anything on internet, we gladly answer any of your questions.  

What we offer:

  • Permanent removal of fine hair – whole body 
  • Photorejuvenation
  • Acne healing 
  • Elimination of pigment stains
  • Removal of small stringers
  • Skin stretching, lifting
  • Wrinkles refinement 
  • Fat burning 
  • Organism purification 
  • Removal of cellulite and striae 
  • Stimulation of lymphatic system and metabolism 
  • Post-baby belly and return to toned figure
  • Permanent make-up

Photo gallery of SkinForm Institute

Photo gallery of SkinForm Institute