Forming Relationship

Conciliating – extrajudicial settlement.

Resolving difficult life situations, settling conflicts, being accused, you can easily get to a point of no return and it may seem as an inconclusive situation. So many times you are not able to solve problems in other way than judicial. The basic disadvantage of a judicial settlement is that none of the parties can actively contribute to formulating the court decision. 

We can help you! 

Settling conflicts is an undeniable advantage of conciliating, where both parties (or even more subjective parties), can actively approach to problem identification, formulate their requests and set the form of a mutual communication. Together we will try to seek consensus which will reflect your mutual statements, conditions and attitudes.  

Conciliating is suitable for any conflict settling – those brought to a court but also those which are yet extrajudicial. Conciliating can help you in case of very sensitive family situations such as divorce, problems related to children´s care and custody and settling the joint ownership of a married couple. Conciliating can help to solve conflicts with neighbors, co-workers and other. 

Thanks to our conciliating team we are able to solve also business feuds and other conflicts between business companies and firms.