About Us

Thank you very much for coming to our website.

Our objective, first and foremost, is to help people feel well, maintain their healthy self-confidence and to solve any problems they might come across. We start on the premise that a person’s self-belief, their love for themselves as a person, will help them spread their positive energy to those around them and thus create a harmonious inner self as well as harmony for the people around them.

We will be delighted to talk through the challenges you encounter in your life and find holistic solutions which will hopefully have the desired effect both physically and mentally.

No doubt you have already experienced the feeling that when you feel content and happy, things work much better, people are more open, they actually smile, and it is somehow easier to find solutions to problems. We would very much like to help you to reach this enlightened state of body and mind.

The latest technology and a pleasant welcome from our experienced and highly trained staff are there to welcome you in the pleasant setting of our Institute of Wellbeing and Beauty.

We will be pleased to hear from you and delighted if you choose to come and visit us at the Skinform, Institute of Beauty and Balance to experience one of the treatments on offer. As a matter of course we shall advise you of our full list of treatments and services available, and the price list, prior to your visit.

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